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My name is Scott Pauley. I have been collecting and restoring fountain pens for about 10-15 years. My favorites are Parker Vacumatics, Pelikan and Sheaffer. I have written exclusively with fountain pens for the last 10 years. My Background in Engineering and prototype machining was a perfect fit as I had all the equipment needed to perform almost any repair and create new tooling that would work better than current tools available to the pen repairer. While collecting vacumatics I acquired several that needed repair so I sought out tooling for the “Vac block” type tool to replace the diaphragm. This tool has 2 halves that clamp the filling unit. It is probably one of the most common tools amongst Parker pen repairers.
I contacted a well known fountain pen store in New York City to see if they had any vac blocks. They didn’t and hadn’t found anyone willing to make them since their supplier passed away.I was thinking about making my own vac block with a few changes to the design and asked if they would be interested in carrying them. They said YES so for the last 3-4 years I have been making and selling them. From the beginning I had been looking for a way to create a better design. All the tools available had problems. They were clumsy to use, could damage the filler unit, deform or strip the threads, and they didn’t have a good grip. So for the next year I worked on ideas for a new design.
One day it hit me like a true epiphany, a collet system with 3 jaws instead of the typical 2 jaws, and with that The “Parker Vac Extractor” was born. It did not have to be held tight with the hand while using it, was ergonomically correct in the hand, held better than others and did not deform the threads.
In addition to the Vac Extractor I have also made other tooling that is available for purchase through my web site or on Ebay. I plan to continue producing the Vac Extractor as well as the other tooling I currently make with some new ideas for other tools and even add-ons to the current Vac Extractor design.

Sincerely, Scott D. Pauley

The Inky Nib

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you found something useful for your next repair.